San Elijo Species Types

Blue-eyed grass- Blue Eyed Grass is a 1 foot tall perennial herb that grows throughout California, usually in open places where there is some moisture, particularly grassy areas. It can also be found in woodlands and at altitudes up to almost 8000 feet. The stems can grow as long as 24 in, though they are often shorter. Its leaves are grassy and tufted. The flowers are small and purplish-blue, varying somewhat in color from a true blue to a definite purple; occasional white-flowering plants are found. It flowers from January to July. After flowering, it dies back to the ground … Continue reading San Elijo Species Types

Richard Misrach on Border Cantos

This film was very interesting. It gave a unique perspective on the concept of boarders, and how realistically they’re just lines in the sand. The film did sort of drag on, but I believe he had really proper intention behind his photos. I think he could have been a little more visual in some of his photos. It seemed like there was a lot of unused space throughout the outer borders in his photography. It would have been nice to see some sort of portrait work, highlighting the real reasons behind the idea of a boarder. Rather it was as … Continue reading Richard Misrach on Border Cantos

Botanic Gardens

Living in Encinitas all my life, I had virtually zero idea how gorgeous this garden was. The unique and large variety of the ecosystem they house is astonishing. I was blown away. Shooting this day was very easy in terms of lighting. Had to do some minor adjustments in order to let some extra light in down towards the more rain forest esc part of the garden, but it allowed for a gorgeous look. Continue reading Botanic Gardens

Environmental Photos

For this week I went out to discovery lake and took some photos of the scenery around! I truly love that place. It’s so simple, yet carries such a meaningful vibe. Very family oriented and highlighting a truly healthy lifestyle. Im really just trying to focus on the small things in life. So I was very happy to look at the photos after and see even more minute detail than I did earlier. Continue reading Environmental Photos